Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance releases cash tied up in outstanding invoices. The whole sales ledger is funded. There are two main types:

Factoring provides both funding and credit control. Factoring is disclosed.
Invoice Discounting only provides funding. Invoice Discounting can be confidential or disclosed.

Also known as CID or Confidential Invoice Discounting.

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Selective Invoice Finance

Selective Invoice Finance releases cash tied up in an individual invoice or multiple invoices to selected customers.

Unlike invoice finance you are not tied into a contract and do not have to fund your whole sales ledger. You can fund on an individual, pay per draw basis.

Also known as Spot Finance or Single Invoice Finance.

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Trade Finance

Trade Finance releases cash by funding a confirmed Purchase Order from a customer.
This is used for importing goods or paying suppliers to fulfil an order.

Also known as Purchase Order Finance, Import Finance, or Stock Finance.

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Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance maximises a healthy cash flow for suppliers when dealing with larger customers, often with extended payment terms.
It looks at a buyer’s strong credit rating to advance payment to suppliers.

Also known as Reverse Factoring.

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Asset finance

Asset finance releases cash against existing assets or can be used to obtain additional assets.
Existing Assets: A loan against an asset and the lender takes security over the asset.
Additional Assets: Payment via regular instalments for an asset over an agreed period.

Also known as Equipment Leasing, Hire Purchase or Asset Refinancing.

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Secured Loan

A loan secured by assets within a business.
Usually, assets are tangible items like commercial property, machinery, or vehicles.
There are also intangible assets such as the receivables book.

Also known as Asset Backed Lending.

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Unsecured Loan

A loan that is not secured by assets within a business.
Often the lender will ask for a personal guarantee from the Director to support the loan.

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Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance is a short term interest only loan. It bridges the gap whilst a company assesses a long term solution.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance releases cash from future credit card transactions.
This product is good for small businesses as they only have to pay when a transaction has taken place.

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Commercial Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan secured by commercial property such as a factory or an office building.

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Crowdfunding is a form of finance where a wide range of investors all contribute small amounts of money.
There are four different types: Equity, Debt, Reward and Donation Based Crowdfunding.

Also known as Peer to Peer or P2P Lending.

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Letter of Credit

A letter of credit is a guarantee from a bank that a buyer’s payment to the seller will be correct and on time.
It protects against defaults on overseas payments.

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MBOs & Acquisition

MBOs occur when managers of a company purchase the business from the incumbent or parent company.
An acquisition is when another group takes over the ownership of a business.

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Overdraft Alternative

If rejected for a bank overdraft or the limit doesn’t match your requirement, then we can help seek out alternative options.

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Tax Bill Finance

Tax Bill Finance is a form of finance for businesses that feel the squeeze at the tax pinch points; usually around January and April.
This includes finance on VAT Bills, Corporation Tax, Payroll/PAYE, and rent.

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Development Finance

Like the commercial mortgage, this type of finance uses property to secure a loan.
However, this type of finance funds against the value of a proposed completion rather than existing asset, providing finance during the construction period.

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